Patient Area

To schedule an appointment please call our office at (972) 758-0625.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday.
Surgical procedures are performed typically in a day surgery setting on Wednesday and Friday.

New Patient Forms
If this is your first visit to our office, please complete the forms available online. Bring the completed forms with you to your appointment. Completing the forms in advance will reduce your check-in time.

Transferring Medical Records
If you need to have your existing records transferred to our office or have our patient records transferred to your referring doctor/specialist, please download and complete this form. Note: Records transferred from our office will be sent within 15 days of receipt of the request.

Note: To ensure security of your private information the information that you enter into the forms on your computer will not be transmitted over the internet. Please do not e-mail the forms to our office.

More Helpful Information

To improve our efficiency and help ensure a pleasant office visit, please read the following:

  • Please bring any current glasses or contact lenses with you to every visit.
  • Please help us stay on schedule by arriving on time for your scheduled appointment.
  • If you arrive 15 minutes late your appointment you may need to be rescheduled.
  • As a courtesy to staff and others in the waiting room, please turn off your cellular/mobile telephone.
  • When scheduling your appointment, please provide us with your insurance policy/ID number and group number as well as the telephone numbers listed on the back of the insurance card. We will make every effort to verify your insurance coverage and benefits before the day of your visit.
  • We contract and are “in network” with many PPO, POS, EPO and HMO insurance plans. If your plan requires a referral number, please provide this to us when scheduling your appointment. The referral is usually obtained from your Primary Care Physician (PCP).
  • If we are contracted with your insurance plan, we will file your insurance claim for you. As stated in our Patient Financial Responsibility Statement, you are required to pay your copay and/or coinsurance and/or deductible amount (if not met for the year) at the time of your visit.
  • If a parent or guardian cannot accompany the minor patient to the exam, a written authorization from the parent/guardian must be presented by the person bringing the patient to the appointment. We are unable to examine the patient without this authorization.
  • If the minor patient’s parents are divorced, payment is the responsibility of the parent bringing the child to the office for treatment, regardless of the terms of the divorce decree.
  • In compliance with federal privacy policies, no information regarding a patient(s) will be released without written authorization from the patient, parent, or guardian. Please see the link for the Medical Records Release Form above.